Pixies, part 4: A Bit of React

ES6 ES6(ECMAScript 6) is the latest standard of the Javascript language. It has much cleaned, modernized syntax. It is less confusing from the people coming from other environments and, generally, a pleasure to work with. There is on problem though If you write your app with ES6, there is no guarantee that it will work on all (especially old) browsers. The community came up with Babel, a javascript “compiler” which takes modern Javascript, like ES6 and produces the classical javascript which should be consumed by all, even old browser. [Read More]

Pixies, part 2: What you wanted to know about Docker but were afraid to ask

Docker in a nutshell Docker allows you to create self-contained turnkey images which contain everything one needs to run your application. These can be copied, shared, uploaded and deleted, when not needed anymore. When I need to run PostgreSQL or, say, Redis on my box I do not bother anymore installing this software and pollute my hard-drive. I just pull corresponding image and run it on my box. When I don’t need the image anymore I simply delete it and my hard-disk is back to the state it was before. [Read More]

Pixies, part 1: Just Enough Webpack

What is this Webpack thing, anyway? Your typical front-end project is made of a bunch of html, css and javascript files. Also, your javascript code undoubtedly calls into various third party libraries to accomplish its purpose, these, in turn, have their own dependencies and so on. You provide necessary <script> links in your html files, carefully making sure that these are included in the right order, so the dependencies are satisfied. [Read More]