No-nonsense gRPC guide for the C# developers, Part Two: Secure service

source code In the previous part, we created a Calculator micro-service which happily performs uncomplicated integer arithmetic. We were able to call that service locally and, hopefully, from the remote computer. The problem though is that our network exchanges are completely unprotected so anyone, with appropriate knowledge and tools, can see what numbers we are trying to multiply. Moreover, the client even cannot be sure that it receives the responses from the valid service, not the one which might be controlled by hackers. [Read More]

No-nonsense gRPC guide for the C# developers, Part One: Basic Service

source code What are we going to talk about? gRPC is a high performance program-to-program communication framework highly suitable to efficiently connect services and, as such, to serve as the foundation for the micro-service architecture. I will not to bore you with the marketing speech, go for the details to the official site A few disclaimers: gRPC, at the moment, does not have the best in-browser support so, if your app lives in the html/javascript universe, the traditional Rest/JSON web services might be a better choice. [Read More]

Docker for the C# developers Crash Course

What are we going to learn? The goal is to help you achieve practical, working knowledge of Docker so you can build containerized micro-services in C# with relative ease. We are going to use .Net core as it is cross-platform and well supported on Linux-based Docker containers. Having said that, the Windows-based Docker containers exist too, but the haven’t got much traction. Source code The source code is available on github [Read More]