Make a game with C# in a Weekend: Sunday

Previous part Source code Fonts In our game, we will be wanting to display some text, for example current level and score. The way Monogame deals with assets like fonts, images or sounds is through so called “content pipeline”. The idea was that optimized binary formats for such assets may be different for different target platforms Monogame supports. This sounds good in theory, the bad news though is that the development of content pipeline tools somewhat lags the development of the actual library. [Read More]

Make a game with C# in a Weekend: Saturday

Source code What and why In addition of being a great tool for building cloud services and such, C# shines, perhaps surprisingly, in video game development. Unity game engine, for example, uses C# as a scripting language. For my taste, however, Unity is a little bit too magical, too much of mouse dragging and button clicking in order to get something workable. So for this guide we will use Monogame, a wonderful cross-platform C# framework for building games which can run on Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as on a few popular mobile platforms and game consoles. [Read More]